Why do People Cheat in Relationships

Why do People Cheat in Relationships

There are many reasons why do people cheat in relationships. It is not always about sex, but often wanting attention or tired of the same routine and taken for granted. Ignoring your partner is a quick way for them to look for someone else in their life. People want to feel wanted and desired even if they are bald with a big belly.

It is hard to repair the trust after getting caught cheating. There are the questions why and how you could do that. If successful, it will take time, communication and a joint effort to prevent this from happening again.

There are many older couples into swinging or their partner having sex with another. There is a surprising amount of men who allow their female partner to have sex with other men. The man could be in the room or likes to hear or watch the recordings. Also, they like having sex with their partner afterwards. While this is not for many couples, some claimed it strengthens their relationship and both parties are happy. If you do this, it is critical to have rules that allows what and what is not.

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Monogamy and Open Relationships

Of those currently in a relationship, 89 percent reported being monogamous. those in open relationships were more likely to be male; gay, lesbian, or bisexual; an ethnic minority; condom users; and dissatisfied with their relationship. However, counter to expectations, they were not more highly educated or from higher social classes.

11 Surprising Things In Couples That Stay Together After Cheating

It’s far from simple when you’re trying to get back to a place of health in the relationship after a severe breach of trust has taken place. It really requires a lot of effort to repair the trust that’s been broken, to heal the wounds that have been inflicted, and to recover from the emotional devastation of being betrayed. It’s a long and winding road to creating a healthy relationship atmosphere after a case of cheating

Ten Reasons Why Men Cheat

In a Why Men Cheat article on Oprah.com, marriage counselor M. Gary Neuman states it’s estimated that one in 2.7 men will cheat and their wives will never know about it.
The number one reason, 92% of men stated that the cheating wasn’t primarily about the sex.

Ten Reasons Women Cheat

She might feel lonely even though she’s in a relationship with you. Perhaps she doesn’t feel like you’re giving her the attention that she needs from you. Maybe she still feels alone and that’s why she’s going to grab on to any other guy who gives her the least bit of attention.

500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets

In less than an hour you could be using any of these 500 tips to re-ignite the passion in your love life… starting immediately!
Some of these items help both of you get in the mood even when you’re tired, others help prolong the passion and pleasure of your lovemaking, and others still help create totally new sensations and experiences for you both!

One of the biggest challenges couples in long-term relationships face is trying to keep their lovemaking red, hot and steamy. Early on in a relationship, the passion and newness of your lovemaking is always unforgettable; but, as that initial magic fades, it becomes harder to make things exciting again.

The book begins with a general foundation and understanding on lovemaking, briefly discussing topics like bedroom toys, adult films, the importance of romance for lovemaking, and interesting truths about Kama Sutra. It also contains a lubrication guide and 16 fully illustrated lovemaking positions in the back of the book. These are all nice touches, but the main attraction and bulk of the book is the 500+ tips.

I have to say, I really LOVE that you can open the book, pick a page and have between 8 ­ 10 easy-to-read tips ready to inspire or use right away. No need to read through dozens of long-winded paragraphs. Everything is formatted neatly and is very easy on the eyes. This is a big plus when you’re just about to make love spur-of-the-moment and you want some ideas.

So, what about the actual tips themselves?

This book is a treasure chest of ideas and has 539 tips in total. They range from oral sex tips for both men and women, to games you can play to make foreplay more fun (although I would have loved to see more games). It also has tips to make intercourse feel better and unique, ways to surprise your partner like “coming out of the shower with just a towel and playing with your wife,” and even some cool places to make love that most people would never have thought of. While I didn’t find all the tips exciting (which was expected), I found more than enough that appealed to me.

The tips are all mixed together, which can get a little overwhelming. I recommend you skim through the book a few times rather than trying to read the whole thing.

This book also lives up to its promise of not containing any raunchy, degrading, immoral or perverted ideas that many lovemaking books have.

In conclusion, while not all the tips in the book amazed me and I would have been nice to see some more ‘games’, it’s still THE most complete book of tips and ideas on improving lovemaking I’ve ever read. I found it enjoyable to read and use. So if you want to make your lovemaking exciting again or if you want some tips for more pleasure, then I highly recommend this book for you.

500 Lovemaking Tips

Tips To Have More Amazing Sex In Your Relationship

Why do People Cheat in Relationships

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