traveling as a couple

Traveling as a Couple

Traveling as a Couple
Enhancing your romantic relationship can be done. One strategy that can enrich your connection is to plan and take a trip together.

Take action with these ideas and deepen your love for each other:

1.     Plan a time to talk about trips you’d like to take. Something magical takes place when a couple shares their travel desires. Listen to what your partner says about the places they want to visit. Can you see it in their eyes—the excitement, the wonder of the locale? Decide on a destination you’ll both enjoy.

2.     Share hopes. As the time for your trip draws nearer, bring it up as a topic of special conversation between just the two of you. Ask what your partner is looking forward to the most. Share what you’re most excited about.

·       Half of the joy you feel about the trip occurs before you take the journey. Make the time leading up to your trip one of intimate conversation.

3.     Research specific romantic locales for the trip. Include extra-sizzling sites on your itinerary. Romantic experiences can provide the most memorable moments of your trip.

·       If you’re traveling to an ocean side city, plan a morning or evening walk on the beach.

·       Find a restaurant with a flair for romance, like a private dining room, foods you eat with your fingers, or soft sofa seats made for cuddling.

·       And what’s more romantic than a night out in Paris with the lights of the Eiffel Tower glistening?

4.     Write something romantic to your partner. In anticipation of your trip, write words to express your love to your partner. Compose a poem, buy a greeting card, or profess your love in a detailed letter. If you’re an artist, you can even include a picture you sketched.

·       Present your “love letter” to your partner the night before or the morning you leave for your trip. Start off your trip with a great romantic gesture!

5.     Schedule in a couple’s time in the hotel. Being alone together in a hotel in an exotic locale will allow you to relax and enjoy each other.

6.     Every year, strive to have a week-long trip alone. Consider yearly trips to be the relationship maintenance. If you’re unable to spare the time or money for a week, then shoot for a long weekend. Continue to rediscover what’s special about your partner.

7.     Focus on making frequent eye contact. The eyes are the window to the soul. View every moment of your partner’s reaction to seeing the destination for the first time. If you’re returning to a favorite place, there’s likely some magic there for you.

·       Plan on staying in tune with the love of your life on this trip by gazing into their eyes and renewing the love you share.

8.     Work in a few surprises during your travels. Unexpected pleasures are often the best part of travel. Plan a special dinner your partner doesn’t know about or go on a surprise shopping spree.

·       Be spontaneous! Even walking around a farmer’s market in the morning in San Francisco or visiting a sacred place can be an awesome experience.

9.     Document your memories with a postcard. Here’s a simple suggestion to keep the wonderful memories of the trip alive after it’s over. Find a postcard that captures a wonderful memory and mail it to your partner.

·       Write something wonderful like, “I’m so glad I got to share this trip with you,” or “I know I’ll remember this vacation forever,” or a simple “I love you more than words can say.”

·       The postcard will be delivered before you arrive home or a few days later. It will touch your mate you thought to mail them a romantic postcard during the trip.

With a little imagination and effort, you can experience a romantic and memorable time with the love of your life. Trip your way to love this year and every year thereafter.
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