relationship burnout

Relationship Burnout

Relationship Burnout

You’ve heard of work burnout, but did you know you can also get relationship burnout? If you’re dating and searching for the one, you can get tired.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed in the dating world. Real relationships can take time to find and build. By taking a break, you’ll give yourself the chance to refocus and refresh your life.

Let’s look at what burnout is, the top signs of burnout, and how to get over it.

What is Burnout?

Feelings of exhaustion and lack of interest can define Burnout. You can see the fatigue and stress.

     It can mean you’re tired, overwhelmed, and no longer care.

      Burnout can also be seen by a loss of interest in things you used to care about.

Be on the lookout for these signs you might have relationship burnout:

1.     You don’t want to date. One of the top signs of relationship burnout is the loss of desire to date anyone. If thinking about getting dressed up for a date or going to a movie with a new person makes you cry, then you’re burned out.

      Pay attention to your thoughts and make note of the negative ones about dating or seeing new people.

2.     You’re not interested on the date. If you go on a date, you’re bored with every potential mate.

3.     You’re cynical about love. Does seeing a romantic movie make you upset? Do you point out all of the mistakes and unrealistic parts of the movie? You may not see the point of dating anyone. You may believe love doesn’t exist beyond fairy tales and romantic media.

4.     You’re focused on the negative. Are you thinking about the negative aspects of a relationship? If you can’t stop worrying about what could go wrong, you may have relationship burnout. You can’t see beyond the negative and don’t want to risk having your heart broken.

      The focus on negativity can also include thinking too much about past relationships that failed.

Burnout Solutions

You shouldn’t force yourself to date while suffering from burnout.

Instead, try giving your heart and mind the chance to heal. You want to enjoy dating instead of viewing it as a chore.

Try these strategies to get past your burnout:

1.     Give yourself time. Stop dating for awhile. You can use the free time to nurture hobbies or other personal interests.

2.     Make peace with the past relationships that still haunt you. You can’t get past burnout if you’re always thinking about an ex who betrayed you.

3.     Find passion and interest in other things in your life. Do you want to rise to the top at work and reach a new management level? Do you want to rediscover an old hobby or try a new one? You can use this opportunity to explore your life and learn more about yourself.

4.     If you’re taking a break from dating, share this with friends and family. You don’t want them to set you up on blind dates behind your back because they see you stopped looking for a partner.

Relationship burnout is a real issue, but you can overcome it. Try taking a break from dating to rediscover yourself and move forward again.

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