Keep Your Love Alive – 4 Questions to a Deeper Relationship

Keep Your Love Alive – 4 Questions to a Deeper Relationship

This fun evening ritual, even if it takes only two minutes, keeps you connected to each other. You come to know the little and important things about each other. You share your heart and your relationship becomes deeper and more valuable to both of you.

When you end your day together, share four things with your partner:

1. What did you enjoy the most about your partner today?
2. What’s the most important thing that happened to you when you and your partner were apart?
3. What do you want to do most?
4. What do you want the two of you to do together?

Each evening, write your answers to these questions on an index card. Have your partner do the same. Then, share your answers with each other.

Keep the fire of passion burning in your relationship! Feed it each day with fun rituals like this.

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