Getting a Second Date with a Man

Getting a Second Date with a Man

Getting a second date with a man is easier said than done. Will discuss a few and what you can do to improve the odds of a second date.
1. Selection of Men- You may not be picking the right men to go out with you. Your personality may not be right for them or they could look only for sex.

2. Good Conversation- It should be fun, not a job interview. Share stories and things about yourself. Be positive, men do not want to be around a negative woman. Good Conversation Tips

3. Flirt- Let the man know you are interested. It makes him feel better, and he is not guessing if you like him.

4. Humor- Laughter is the best medicine. Make it a fun experience and show your true personality. You do not have to be a comedian or a dogmedian in my case, but make him smile and laugh.

5. Sex- Do not have sex on the first date. I had plenty of women who I did on the first date. However, I was more attracted to the ones who did not, but were flirtatious. They gave a kiss you did not want to the end.

There are plenty of reasons you do not get a second date. From my tips and reading the two articles below, it will improve your odds for a second date success. 

Getting a Second Date with a Man- More Resources

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Past The First Date – David Wygant

I got a great email the other day from a woman, who was writing just to brag about how amazing she is. Actually, she said she was writing to ask me why can’t ever get past the first date with a man. Her email, however, was entirely about how great she is.

How Can I Get a Second Date? Understanding Men

How can I get a second date? That question is on the mind of many single gals. Often that’s just how it is. But what if you’re doing something wrong? Dear Dating Coach Ronnie, I guess I need to know how can I get a second date? Here’s my story.

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