how to show man respect

How to Show a Man Respect

How to Show a Man Respect

You know you are with the right guy when you respect him and can honor him. Those sound like old-fashioned words, but they lead to strong emotional bonds and a stable relationship. You know you can respect him when:

1. He knows who he is, and he respects himself. He doesn’t remake himself for you, stands up for his own opinions and knows when to compromise with you.

2. He doesn’t complain about other people or lay the blame for things that have gone wrong in his life on other people. He isn’t a complainer.

3. He isn’t looking for a mother. He can take care of himself and wants you to enjoy life together, not take care of him.

4. He has a job he enjoys and if he doesn’t he is looking for another one.

5. He values you because of YOU and not just your looks or your body.

6. He answers your questions with a straightforward and authentic attitude.

7. He trusts you and shows you respect.

8. He doesn’t put you down and honors your opinions.

You show him respect:

1. When you don’t manipulate his behavior using your affections, your body or threatening.

2. When you ask his opinion and take it.

3. When you don’t change his strongly held opinions and accept that you both believe something different.

4. When you have patience with his difficulty expressing his feelings and fears.

5. When you cheer him on in his life – job, relationships with family and friends – and support him in his decisions.

6. When recognize you don’t OWN him, but in fact have a relationship with this man – that you are equals in the relationship. You are confident in yourself, and trust him.

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