how to make online dating work

How to Make Online Dating Work

How to Make Online Dating Work

            It can overwhelm learning how to make online dating work for you.Some men and women get so intimidated reading other people’s profiles they can’t even make theirs live because fear is causing them to feel like they don’t live up to the rest of the online dating pool.

            You might even have the guts to post your profile and then find yourself frustrated because when you give match-making a shot, others turn you down because you don’t live up to their demands, expectations, or desires right off the bat.

            You almost have to have thick skin when you post your profile on online dating sites because it can sometimes cause people to be less sensitive than they would be if you’d met them in person.

            Still, thousands of people find that one true love on the Internet, and it’s worth learning the ropes before you sign up at any dating site so you’ll know the game before you go in and not get upset if you run into a few shallow people here and there.

            You shouldn’t lower your expectations, but anyone who has a set list of demands before dating someone will find themselves disappointed.  If you met Mr. or Mrs. Right on the street, you wouldn’t have a tip sheet of their profile to read before you said “hi” and discovered the spark underlying your conversations.  Yet some people reserve the right to refuse an online prospect if their list of characteristics isn’t checked off first.

            Do you want someone who has essential qualities in a mate, or is it preferable to find someone open to loving you as you are?  The dismissing process can be abrupt and blunt, so don’t let it hurt your feelings if someone says, “Thanks but no thanks” without giving you a shot.  This is often only because people are joining dating sites to cater to their dilemma of limited time to spend searching for a mate.

            Sometimes people put things in their profile list of Must-Haves they don’t mean.  For instance, a man might add that his mates must look like a supermodel, when what he means is he needs to have an attraction.  It’s doubtful he’s been in the company of many supermodels, and he’s been attracted to ordinary women in his life!

            In some ways, people believe online dating strips the first impressions away because you can’t see the subtleties that often attract us to our mates.  But online dating gives you a chance to get to know the person’s personality and feel comfortable before you take the leap into real life dating.

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How to Make Online Dating Work

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