How to find right partner

How to Find Right Partner

How to Find Right Partner
Some believe your destiny will bring you to your soul mate. There is no secret formula for finding your soul mate. We can only prepare ourselves to recognize that special person when we meet him or her. You can feel attracted to many others, but there could only be one person who will fit in perfectly to complete the puzzle of your life.

You need to be picky in selecting a partner. Just don’t select someone because you are lonely or want someone to love right now. Attract people who have the same values as you.

They can make you laugh and their smile can turn a bad day into a good one. Just their touch can make you feel warm all over. They understand you and can communicate with you.

How Not To Find Your Soulmate How Not To Find Your Soulmate Are you unhappy in love because you’re desperately trying to find your soulmate? True love might be right in front of you, but you’ve been blind to it. Open yourself to love and you might just find the soulmate you seek!
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Choosing Partners Who Value You

” To attempt to love someone who cannot benefit from your love with spiritual growth is to waste your energy, to cast your seed on arid ground.” -M. Scott Peck, M.D., The Road Less Traveled. On the sometimes-painful road to self-compassion, there are many lessons to be learned along the way.

They Are Just So Perfect For Me – David Wygant

How many times when you’re dating do you utter the phrase: “They are so perfect for me.” Or maybe it’s this most overused phrase in dating: “I think I found the one.” Or maybe it’s this popular phrase: “I’ve never felt like this before.” I love all of those-they’re so catchy.

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1000 Questions for Couples

Based on Dr. Arthur Aron’s research I have not only put together questions that will help couples FALL IN LOVE but have scientifically collected a total of 1,000 of the most important questions couples should ask each other.

These are questions that go beyond small talk and simply making conversation like you will find in most “questions” books. You will NOT find questions like “if you were a color, what color would you be” or “what is your favorite flavor of ice cream”.

One of the biggest reason marriages end in divorce is because couples fail to ask the big questions before they walk down the aisle.

If couples simply spent some time asking each other the questions that really matter, they’d greatly increase their chances of staying together.

The great thing about a “question book” is that it makes it easier to ask those difficult questions and encourages an environment to address them.

But is Michael Webb’s “1000 Questions For Couples” the right book for this?

In short, yes. Most question books ‘beat around the bush,’ never really providing the important questions, and others simply don’t have enough questions.

On the other hand, Webb has put together the most comprehensive collection of questions, covering every single topic you’d ever want to know about before tying the knot.

It includes tough subjects like money, child rearing, career, past and present relationships, religion, morals, convictions & beliefs, personality, and even sex.

But don’t get me wrong ­ while there are many serious and tough topics to discuss, there are also many “lighter” yet just as important topics, including the car and driving, vacations, food and well being, pets, and your favorite things.

That’s one thing I really loved about this book. It covered every conceivable topic from the super serious to the light-hearted and fun, making it easy for couples to start with easy questions and build their way up to important ones.

Also, a great bonus is having the ability to deliver 3 – 5 of the questions to my email each day, making everything automatic. I just go about my day and get new questions to ask my loved one, without having to really think about it.

In all, there’s nothing really negative I can say about this book. It delivers exactly what it says and covers every question you would ever want to ask your loved one.

I highly recommend this book for everyone. NOT just couples who are thinking of getting married but also couples who just want to feel closer together, or people dating, who just want more things to talk about.

1000 Questions for Couples – official site

Read the questions that have made strangers fall in love and couples drawn closer together

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How to Find Right Partner

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