snooping in a relationship

Snooping in a Relationship

Snooping in a Relationship Technology may have changed the ways we go about snooping in a relationship but the underlying reasons remain the same. How do you balance love and trust with your hunger for more information about the people close to you? Learn how to deal with snooping in your relationship with your romantic partner. […]

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relationship burnout

Relationship Burnout

Relationship Burnout You’ve heard of work burnout, but did you know you can also get relationship burnout? If you’re dating and searching for the one, you can get tired. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed in the dating world. Real relationships can take time to find and build. By taking a break, you’ll give yourself the […]

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cheating in relationship

Worried About Cheating in Relationship?

Worried About Cheating in Relationship? Cheating can have devastating consequences on a relationship. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to prevent your partner from cheating – that’s the way they are. However, cheating can also take place because the relationship is eroding or unfulfilling. Cheating can result from emotional or physical issues in the relationship. By focusing […]

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relationship issues

5 Behaviors That Cause Relationship Issues

Relationship issues are challenging. It’s not something we’re taught in school, and most of us have few, if any, good role models to emulate. Understanding the most common behaviors that damage relationships can be a good first step to having a relationship that lasts. See how many of these behaviors seem familiar, either in yourself […]

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texting relationship advice

Texting Relationship Advice

Read our 13 steps to texting relationship advice. Texting can be great or lead to many issues in a relationship. Even in our closest relationships, we’re often likely to talk by text rather than face to face these days. A recent study of these short messages shows their impact on how we communicate with the […]

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how to fix a failed relationship

4-Step Process How to Fix a Failed Relationship

4-Step Process How to Fix a Failed Relationship When there is a conflict in a relationship, the last thing that many of us want to do is to have to talk with the other party, if we feel they have wronged us. However, if you want a resolution to the tension and pain that the conflict […]

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dating mistakes TO AVOID

Embarrassing Dating Mistakes To Avoid

Dating Mistakes to Avoid 5 Important Things Science Has Taught Us About Sexual Attraction What is it that attracts us to other people? Can you fall in love at first sight? Can computer algorithms successfully predict who will make a good match? Some speed dating research has found that the traits people say they’re attracted […]

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finding love after 50

Finding Love After 50

Finding Love After 50 Many older women and men ponder whether Finding Love After 50 is Possible. You can improve your chances after reading these tips and dating articles. Here are some dating after 50 rules to improve your odds of where to find love after 50: 1. Don’t have Excuses. 2. Be positive 3. […]

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Dating Over 60 Advice

Dating Over 60 Advice

Dating Over 60 Advice Dating over 60 can be difficult, especially for women. With the right approach and mindset, it can be easier to find love and romance. You must set realistic standards, not for someone who does not exist except in your head. First thing to do is to determine the deal breakers. Here […]

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Relationship Red Flags and Deal Breakers

Relationship Red Flags and Deal Breakers at 50

Relationship Red Flags and Deal Breakers We will discuss some dating at 50 red flags to look for. We may be great in finding other’s people red flags in relationships, but are blind to our own. The red flags could be anything from denying the truth or being the center of attention. Lack of communication […]

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