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long distance relationship

How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work -Connecting LDR

How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work -Connecting LDR As more people are putting their relational lives on hold to build a successful career, they are finding it more difficult to build a long-term committed relationship. More couples are turning to online dating to increase their chances of meeting someone they love and sometimes those […]

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Keep Your Love Alive – 4 Questions to a Deeper Relationship

Keep Your Love Alive – 4 Questions to a Deeper Relationship This fun evening ritual, even if it takes only two minutes, keeps you connected to each other. You come to know the little and important things about each other. You share your heart and your relationship becomes deeper and more valuable to both of […]

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flirting with a guy

Flirting With a Guy – Tips & Tricks

Flirting has been a function of our behavior since men and women began having children. The act of flirting engages the other person’s attention, lets them know you are interested in them and creates an atmosphere of excitement. We often use flirting before getting to know your guy, but it should stay a part of […]

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sex and dating after 50

Sex & Dating After 50

Does it matter for sex and dating after 50? That question would be a big yes for many men and women. Does it mean, it will happen on the first date? That answer is probably no, but can tell you from experience it can happen soon after, if there is chemistry. Sometimes, you get lucky […]

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should i lose weight before dating

Should I Lose Weight Before Dating?

Should I lose weight before dating? There is no easy answer to this question. It depends on many things. These include how much weight you are trying to lose and how do you feel about yourself. The key is how do you feel about your appearance. You want to make a good first impression or […]

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How to Find a compatible partner

How to Find a Compatible Partner

How to Find a Compatible Partner 1.     Find someone who is a good match in every way. 2.     Be willing to wait until the right person comes along. 3.     Values are important in committed relationships–pay attention. 4.     Resist taking on a ‘fixer-upper’ – you can’t change another person. 5.     Be yourself – do not try to change to meet someone’s […]

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Dog Lovers Dating

You are over 50 and looking for a date. While you love your dog you miss having a human companion. Dog lovers are a breed all of their own. No one needs to tell you this. You’ve been a dog lover your entire life. It may have been difficult for you to find a partner […]

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Future Plans with girlfriend

Future Plans With Your Girlfriend

Future Plans With Your Girlfriend It isn’t only men who can suffer from commitment phobia. Women also experience difficulty dealing with a long term monogamous relationship. This difficulty can stem from a variety of different emotional issues, but the result is that once you think of a real commitment, she turns tail and runs far. […]

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Love and Respect in Couples

Love and Respect in Couples

Love and Respect in Couples   The person who is your match will balance love, physical chemistry and partnership all in one relationship. Is your latest crush an amazing kisser but you have nothing to talk about? Can you discuss recent world news, your innermost secrets, but can’t seem to find the chemistry between you? […]

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How to Tell if Someone is Married Online

Did You Know How to Tell if Someone is Married Online?

Did You Know How to Tell if Someone is Married Online? Ladies, don’t you have enough to worry about without wondering whether the guy you are chatting with online is married? The online dating scene can be exciting and adventurous but there is always the risk of meeting someone is not as forthcoming and honest […]

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